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For the tenth installment of The Germ, we’re looking back. Choose one of the nine previous Germ inspirations/limiters and make a film. Note: The inspirations and their limiters are a package deal. No mixing and matching.
Did you have a super awesome idea for a past Germ, but couldn’t get it made before the deadline? Maybe you had two great ideas, but were forced to make only one.
Life doesn’t give us many second chances. (Actually, it does. But it’s never for the stuff you want second chances for.) So don’t squander this one, people. Click on the titles below to go to the original Germ pages.

Past Germs

# Inspiration Limiter (must contain) Max. Length
01 RED The color red cannot appear 5* minutes
02 Photo: “Near Greenwood, Mississippi” Dialogue 5* minutes
03 SUMMER Shot on camera phone 5 minutes
04 Song: “Tables and Chairs” Table and/or chair, but not the song 5 minutes
05 FOOD The line: “But it tastes so good,” and at least 4 characters 5 minutes
06 MODERN FAIRYTALE Magical item 5 minutes
07 RAIN At least one line in a foreign language 5 minutes
08 1980’s Dance sequence 5 minutes
09 SPACE 60-second long-take shot, and at least 3 characters 5 minutes
*Germs 01 and 02 originally had a maximum running time of 3 minutes. For Germ 10, we are changing this to 5 minutes to match the other Germs.
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