germ 19

Wes Anderson

The inspiration for The Germ 19 is WES ANDERSON.


Your film must contain diegetic music. Diegetic music is music in a film that is part of the setting and may be heard by the characters (versus incidental music that is part of the “soundtrack” but not heard by characters).

Time Limit

5 minutes.

Screening: Doors 6 p.m. | Films 7 p.m.


We’re introducing a new feature for The Germ 19: money. That’s right, after 18 Germs, we decided to pony up some prize moolah. Of course, creativity is its own reward. But just think how creative you can get with 250 bucks. The winner’s film, as judged by the audience, will net its creator(s) $250 in cash. Maybe that’s the extra push you need to make something awesome.

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